About The Founder

Founded by Joshua Palladeno-Hamilton in 2019. Growing up as a nowhere kid, with an abusive household, and eventually abandoned at the age of 7. Josh experienced hardships multiple times. Picking himself up by the bootstraps.  Josh worked hard, studied,  & persevered through the odds. Striving to develop himself & teams he now works with businesses and individuals to help train them to be their own success stories. His accomplishments vary: 

  • US Army Infantry Team Leader 

  • Successfully recovered from homelessness and built a 6 figure income.

  • Harvard Business School program graduate in Leadership & Negotiation Mastery.

  • Successfully led a 1,000 unit dealership with over 25 sales people. 

  • Record holder of 50 sold units a month. 


Using a combination of his experience he develops and elevates those around him. From hardships to traveling all over the world, he values the growth in people and wants everyone to be as successful.

"We Lead our Success. Everything we do in our personal life down to our business life. It is imperative that we move in the direction of success. If we do not, we succumb to living in our own mediocrity."

Want to experience the expertise and passion of Palladeno Consulting for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do together.