• Joshua Palladeno

4 lvls. of Sales Craftsmanship

There are 4 levels to the sales craft.

Basic Ability to sell.

It is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone has the most basic ability to sell. We are born with it. From when we were kids sharing lunch box items and bargaining. It is a human element. Whether you sell 20 units a month or 10 units a month a portion of those sales are just natural ability.


Your second level of selling. This is the most impressionable stage in the salesman's career. It will begin in about 1-3 years. It is crucial that sales training is involved at this stage. This is where bad habits form because of a horrible environment. If these bad habits are not fixed or altered that salesman will end up being a horrible salesman until he decides to actually forget everything he knows. This is also where they determine their sales identity.


This stage is where the salesman will start developing processes that compliment the first two stages of sales craftsmanship. This will begin at 3-4years in their career.


The final stage that wraps up everything else. This stage is important in choosing where the salesman needs to go next. If this stage is not nourished and properly challenged the salesman will either leave the industry and try something else or will get into a leadership role.

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