• Joshua Palladeno

Boomer Sales Trainers are Unevolved.

Here’s the dilemma that we have as Dealers, GM’s, GSM’s, and Sales Managers. How do we stop building departments around salespeople and start developing Sales Persons by craft? For the past 8 years, I have studied in the auto industry. I became successful at it by continuously making 6 figures a year and held records at every store. However, Grant Cardone, Joe Verde, or whomever else didn't do the work, they didn't actually coach me. I didn't have sales managers or managers actually train me either. I had to train myself. What kind of industry does not provide weekly training and coaching sessions for your staff? In fact, every time I would watch any of their stuff or listen to it. They were 2 steps behind. There are two problems that I continuously see when it comes to training with the “greats.”

  1. It's a pacifier.

  2. It’s outdated.

Managers get the new program and they do exactly what parents do with their kids. They put an iPad in front of them, wipe their hands, and say alright training is taken care of. The real training has to be taken care of at the manager level. If we do not hold people accountable not just by ensuring the kids are watching the videos, but striving for active engagement. Without active engagement, we are not going to develop anyone. Doesn't matter what industry you are in.

We are not leading our staff. We have a passive approach to training. I talk to a lot of dealers. I will also talk to their salesman. I cannot tell you the substantial differences between hearing a GSM saying oh no “we are fine” and the salesman being starved from learning more. We are starving salespeople. It's disgusting when you have a salesman who just started off in the business wanting to do more, wanting to learn more and your store has a toxic leader saying oh no we are fine. The kids want to learn, not only do they want to learn they want to be successful at it. And you are blocking progress. I’ve witnessed it first hand.

How can you possibly say you’re fine when you don't have a consistent weekly training schedule? When you don’t have 1-1’s? I’ll leave the importance of 1-1’s to another post.

So wrapping back around to my point about Grant Cardone, Joe Verde, and some of the other ones. They DO NOT care about the success of your sales team. Better yet, Salesmen don't want to be trained by "boomer gurus." These gurus only want your money and they only want to preach an unevolved way of selling. The buyer has evolved and so must the seller. This is why when I call dealerships they say “oh no we tried GC, we tried Joe Verde, we tried such and such.” It almost never works out. It doesn't work out because videos don't work. Active engagement works. Not “here watch this video and once you’re done you can sell cars.” Are you tracking what I’m saying yet? If we are going to save the Sales Craft, we have to start leading sales teams.

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