• Joshua Palladeno

Collapse of the Auto Industry

I'm taking the gloves off here. Business Owners Stop building departments or positions around your sales teams. Specifically the automotive industry. They're underperforming because you're underperforming. Start teaching your sales team to be more entrepreneurial. Teach them to be their own BDC, their own managers, and teach them to be accountable to themselves. Your department "innovations" are suffocating the industry with more positions than you need. It solely comes down to training your management staff, yourselves, and your sales teams. This whole industry was built around a false narrative, that instead of training my sales staff to become entrepreneurial I'm going to create departments and positions around underperforming sales teams. How many times are you going to keep trying and wasting money on something that isn't going to sustain longer than 90 days? Don't even get me started on your use of technology. If you would like to know how to turn your team into entrepreneurs reach out. This is the direction the industry is going.

If your sales staff average closer to the baby boomer/gen x line than it is the gen x/millennial line it's because you're too lazy to train and you're going to collapse on yourself. Look at the way the FAA had their issue with filling ATC a couple of years back. A similar situation will happen unless you train and innovate differently. Start paying attention to the trend that's happening. The industry needs to revamp itself if it wants to survive the next 5 years.

So Let's play this out real quick. I repurpose my sales staff to become entrepreneurial. What does this do?

1. They become their own BDC agent. Eliminates the need for a BDC manager.

2. Sales are less dependant on management. By having your sales department be in charge of themselves, you reduce fatigue on your own managers and free them up to be responsible for other tasks like maintaining lead discipline, pipeline, and response times. You won't need an internet manager or director either.

3. They work with finance teams to find the common ground between dealership wants and the client wants(similar to a realtor).

4. Teaching social media marketing allows them to be less reliant on dealership marketing. It will also reduce marketing costs.

5. Repurpose BDC agents to become a sales assistant or executive assistant. They work in assistance to a team of 3-5 salespeople. Handling leads strictly for sales. You're going to have to use psychology here and match the appropriate people.

Do you see the bigger picture yet? Do you see the cost savings?

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