• Joshua Palladeno

Hiring - Firing Cycle

The hiring-firing cycle. We all dread it. I too often see dealerships getting themselves into a cycle they don't know how to get out of. You know what I am talking about, you get the order to hire everyone that walks in. This is often set on by an old school way of thinking. “If I have 30 salesmen they will all sell 20 cars.” “If they can’t sell 20 cars each I’ll hire 10 more to sell 10 more.” It suffocates your management staff and your sales team. It's not conducive to growth and its a preventing your from focusing your attention onto other things. We would rather hire-fire and continuously and lose money than to build a strong and efficient team, because training people is a full time job. I know I've done it. So stop with the cycle. Come up with a plan to train who you have. Develop strong processes of accountability and growth and lead your team to success.

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