• Joshua Palladeno

Your best price doesn't matter.

Clients don’t want your best price. Read that again. We got so strung up on the idea that clients want our best price, that we neglected ourselves, our gross, and our processes. If you confronted the “best price” right out the gate. Actually trained your salesman to address the best price you would have made more money. You can say to me all you want “Josh, they're asking for the best price, what do I do?” Them asking for the best price doesn't come from price. It comes from not wanting to be jerked around, wanting to minimize lot time, and they want customer experience. If you advise the client, not tell, but advise, that we have a fair price, not the best and yes you probably could find a cheaper price out there, but they won't have the customer experience or service that you provide at your dealership. What does that do to their psyche? It makes any other offer below what you offered seem unfair to ask. So as you're getting your week ready think about offering a fair price versus the best price. Frankly, you saying that you have the best price is irrelevant, because you’re not the one paying for the product. It’s lazy and more so a stone wall tactic because you don’t know how to get around the best price trend that the industry is telling you, you need to do.

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