• Joshua Palladeno

Stop using pacifiers for sales teams.

Stop putting your sales teams in front of a video, expecting the work to just manifest itself. As managers and leaders, we have to interact with our sales teams. Engage them in role-play. Salespeople learn the best by engagement, repetition, accountability, and failure. You already know this though. If you do, why aren't you role-playing consistently? Do you know what the average time is to build a new habit or process? 66 days. You can't stick with it one time and then expect a change. A cultural shift has to happen. This is why I offer an 8-week minimum for commitments.

So for example, I use to have this one sales manager when I was a young salesman, and instead of getting up and interacting with the client and showing me what to do, he would just tell me.

"Well did you try this and did you try that?"

"Well no."

"It would have worked if you did."

Lol, What!?

We have to get off the tower and do a T.O., stop having anxiety attacks every time a salesman asks for a turn. Don't ask him/her why he wants a turn either. Go into the office / pick up the phone and gain your own perspective of whats going on. Some salespeople just get perception locked and they don't know how to overcome it. That's where you come in.

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