• Joshua Palladeno

The end of the sales department is nigh.

The salesman process will become obsolete in 2021. With the continuous rise of software engineering geared towards automotive dealerships, the effects of COVID, and the rising cost of training, its bizarre as to why it hasn't happen any sooner. The question is will you be the first adopter of automation? Sales process automation will replace salesman with kiosks and guide the customer through the process, from entry all the way to purchase. Leaving the salesman variable obsolete. With information readily at fingertips a client can execute the vehicle they want and the terms they want. The next process to be automated after that is the finance department. Soon big 500-1000 vehicle dealerships will be ran on less than 10 people. Saving 100's of thousands of dollars in the process. There's already talks about companies showcasing this process at NADA 2021. The dissolvement of salesman & sales managers will simplify the process for both dealership and customers.

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