• Joshua Palladeno

Training and Ego, stop holding meetings everyday.

Look, as salesmen or managers, you cannot wait for others to train you. It is your responsibility and yours alone. If you are starting off in sales you need to start developing your skills by reading and learning everything you can about the road to sale and mastering each level. Every deal that leaves your desk, phone call that gets hung up on, or email that ghosts you, you need to review and police yourself. Ask someone with more experience of what you could have done better. Do not be in an environment that isn't conducive to your growth. Your income and your success rely on it.

Managers, you need to let your ego go. Be more than the title. You are responsible for the pipeline of the store, the success, and the failures of the store. Take responsibility, for the men and women under your leadership. You have a goal for the month I presume, so develop a goal for training. Start doing what's hard. Be the best leader you're capable of being. If we are going to change the way the car industry is, this is the first step. Develop Sales Leaders Management Leaders. I deal with a lot of dealerships and there is such a disconnect between the GM, GSM, and SM. Its because leadership starts at the top. GM's if you cannot define the goal for your store how can you expect everyone you lead to know what you expect if you don't communicate properly? Every store wants a top producing store but nobody wants to do the work to develop it. To lead, you have to develop and sustain growth in your environment.

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