Get your sales career started right. Learn sales the right way. Palladeno Consulting sales training designed to help you spearhead your career. make 75k your 1st year. Get hired after completion guaranteed. Learn from one of the best.   

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What you'll learn in 7 days of live webinar training:

  • Road to Sale 

  • Lead Management

  • Lead Integrity & Discipline 

  • Learning Buyers' Styles.

  • Objection Handling

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Resume Services 

  • Ongoing Mentorship

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Having years of experience in car sales & as a Sales Manager. I currently hold records in every store. One record is 50 units! Having averaged 34 units a month with over 120k a year. I'll teach you how to do the same. Have any questions text me personally (972) 998-1107 or email me at

Aaron Nissan Sales 

Josh is the goat. Really sticks with you and is for you and your success.

Omar Used Car Sales

I went from working in the shop to becoming a top salesman. Thanks, Josh.