Experience the expertise of Palladeno Consulting Group. A combination of experiences developed from years of sales, sales management, U.S. Army Leadership, and HBS Leadership program. This class will make your team more confident, efficient, and more successful

Sales & Leadership Development


5 Class Course Developing Teams & Managers into Leaders of Success. 
  •  Analyzing Strengths & Weaknesses.  How to pivot our weaknesses to be successful.

  • Understanding the 4 levels of sales craftsmanship. 

  • Understanding bad and good habits and their effects in our daily routine.

  • Learning the sales equation and how it makes or breaks your pipeline.

  • Maintaining a full pipeline while selling. 

  • Effectiveness & Efficiency. Using the technology to work for us instead of against us.

  • Maintaining lead response times, integrity, and discipline. 

  • Understanding EQ and maintaining bearing.

  • Defining leadership as a manager and learning to lead vs. Manage.

  • Why using videos for training alone is ineffective.

  • Understanding the levels of sales craftsmanship its application as a manager.

  • Techniques for managing the business pipeline.

  • Learning about time zones and clients.  

  • Stopping the hiring-firing cycle by implementing 1-1’s & techniques to conduct them.  

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Charles Trapp

Dick Edwards

"One of the best sales trainers I know. Josh understands how to pivot teams in the right direction."

D. Mullins

General Sales Manager

"We lucked out when we decided to incorporate Josh into our training."

Alex Benjamin

F&I Director

"If you're looking to take your business to the next level I would recommend Palladeno Consulting.  Josh will guide you through a process that will open up avenues you never knew existed. It's an investment that's guaranteed a return."